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Programs & Services

Group Exercise Classes

Zumba: As advertised on T.V., it’s a Latin based dance workout that includes dances to today’s music and the oldies.  Anyone can follow this workout.

Clubbing:We’re taking you out of town. A dance based workout, that’s easy to follow, with lots of upbeat music and high energy.

Latin Dance/Tone: This class is a 30 to 40 minute Latin dance class with toning being the remainder.

Drum/Chair: Break out the drumsticks and lets get jamming and banging.  Some moves are done upright while others are done seated.

Group Cycling:class focusing on cardio challenges, hill climbs, and varying speeds and resistance for all participant levels.

30/30:30 minutes of *Cardio and 30 minutes of sculpting.

Sculpt: Resistance training with the use of light weights and high repetitions.

Power Sculpt: An hour long sculpting class toning all parts of the body.

Cardio Sculpt:*Cardio followed by 20 minutes of Sculpting.

Cardio Kick Box:A cardio class of Karate style and Boxing included, followed by abdominal work.

Interval Step: Combinations of Step aerobics and Sculpting.

Yoga: Fitness-style yoga featuring strength, conditioning, and flexibility components. Ideal for any fitness level to reduce stress.

*Cardio:Most all classes defined at Cardio could possibly involve Step/Low-Impact/Cardio Kick Box (Karate/Boxing)/Interval/Jump Rope. It’s up to the class that day and the instructors training in the specific area.

Pilates:Using the Joseph Pilates method involving the entire body to stretch & strengthen muscles. Low impact and good for any fitness level.

Cardio/interval:An interval class using cardio and strengthening moves – may include combination of any of the above listed.

Cardio/Abs:*Cardio followed by 20 minutes of Abdominal Exercise.

Instructor’s Choice: Up to the class that day and the instructor’s training.

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** A Release Form needs to be signed before participating in any of the YMCA fitness programs.

Punch Cards

What is a Punch Card?

The Punch Card is a card Members and Non-Members purchase or with a Health Club Membership receive all group exercise classes free. You can take any class, at any time you wish with the Punch Card. So you can come when it’s convenient for you, making workout time more flexible. See the front desk for prices.

Personal Training

YMCA Certified Personal Trainers are committed to helping you improve your physical fitness, health, and overall quality of life. Through one-on-one encouragement and guidance, our Personal Trainers help you to determine and achieve your personal fitness goals , and aid in the development of your very own personal program. Each session is one hour in length and scheduled at your convience.

How can I benefit from Personal Training at the YMCA?

Working with one of our Certified Personal Trainers you can:

  • Learn healthy workout patterns if you are beginning, or returning to regular exercise
  • Learn new techniques and training programs that allow you to advance to a new level of fitness
  • Maximize your workout time, by having an effective program planned by your trainer
  • Achieve specific fitness and health goals

Expert Advice

Your YMCA Personal Trainer will:

  • Supervise each repetition of each exercise, and give you ongoing feedback to maximize the effectiveness of your workout
  • Teach you exercises which will best meet your fitness goals
  • Teach you correct form for each exercise, and show you modifications to suit your individual body type
  • Help you establish realistic goals, continually adjusting your workout to keep pace with your changing needs
  • Work with your physician and physical therapist where needed to help you recover from injury and make a smooth transition from rehabilitation treatment to regular workouts

Motivating and Coaching

We all perform better when we’re working with another person; especially someone who want us to excel!

Your Personal Trainer can:

  • Help you find the motivation to enjoy working out regularly
  • Help you motivated yourself to put that little bit more into your workouts, within safe limitations
  • Help you develop and stay focused on your objectives
  • Help you enjoy your workouts by adding balance and variety

Customized Results

Depending on your personal goals, your Personal Trainer can:

  • Help you develop the knowledge and confidence to work out regularly on your own
  • Help you decrease your body fat
  • Help you get into condition for a seasonal sport

Personalized Programs

Becoming involved with a YMCA Personal Trainer is an ideal way for you to improve:

  • Weight loss/Body composition
  • Strength Training
  • Core Stability
  • Aerobic Endurance
  • Posture
  • Nutritional Knowledge
  • Balance and Coordination

YMCA Membership Requirements

YMCA Certified Personal Trainers are available to YMCA members only. In addition, a membership to the Nautilus room or Health Club is required. The front desk will be happy to assist you in upgrading your membership.


Your Personal Trainer will work with you based on your schedule. All sessions are scheduled by appointment

Session Fees

Minimum sign up of 12 sessions – $350.00

May purchase a minimum of 4 or more sessions thereafter – $120.00 + $30.00 per 1 hour session.

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