Guest|Nationwide Membership

Guest Policy

The purpose of welcoming guests into our facility is to evaluate the Y and to absorb how the Y is distinguished as a staple in the community. A guest form including the Y liability waiver must be signed prior to entry. Guest must observe the same policies and restrictions that are set for all members. 


  • Guest must be 18 and will be allowed entrance up to 4x without a membership.
  • Daily guest fee is $10 per person per day.
  • Members 18+ are allowed to bring a guest for a $5 guest rate as a member benefit. 
  •          To enter as a guest the account must have a $0 balance.



Nationwide Membership

We are proud to offer our members access to YMCA facilities across the United States that participate in Nationwide Membership. This way, our members can use the Y as often as they like, making it easier to achieve their health and wellness goals.are prohibited from participating

A benefit offered with your "home" (your home Y is the local association that enrolled you as a member and collects your membership dues). YMCA membership that gives members the flexibility to use participating YMCA facilities throughout the United States with no extra cost. 


  • Nationwide Membership is valid for active, full facility YMCA member
  • There is no limit to the number of visits for Nationwide members. However, visitors must use their home Y at least 50% of the time
  • Program-only participants (including SilverSneakers, Silver and Fit, Renew Active or other like programs) are not eligible for nationwide membership
  • Special memberships established by any Y for group homes, other agencies, etc., are not eligible
  • When visiting a Y, nationwide members will be required to show a valid YMCA membership card and photo ID as well as provide basic membership data such as name and email address
  • Members will need to sign a universal liability waiver and privacy policy
  • All Ys reserve the right to restrict or revoke these privileges
  • Registered sex offenders are prohibited from participating.