Youth & Teen Guidelines


15 and under are only permitted to use the facility up to 4 hours from the initial check-in.

Time limit begins at initial check-in and expires in 4 hours. Time is continuous and can not be subdivided during the day to total 4 hours.


Access will be denied during school operating hours to students unless on break. *Applies to virtual students


Causes for Suspension or termination

  • Disrespect towards staff
  • Bouncing balls & being loud in common areas & horseplay
  • Leaving trash in sitting areas/gym
  • Theft
  • Vaping, drugs or alcohol
  • Profanity
  • Giving false information/lying
  • Fighting/bullying
  • In an undesignated area for age. If there is not a designated area the teen should exit with the responsible party.

Most issues (unless significant) will have a warning on the first offense.


Per the YMCA's Youth & Teen Guidelines when programs, sports or events are operating in the gymnasium, the YMCA staff have the responsible duty to have unsupervised youth & teens who do not meet the age criteria to be in the wellness areas and/or not actively participating in an activity to exit the facility. Gathering in the lobby areas will not be permitted.

YMCA STAFF's Responsible Duty to EXIT Youth & Teens

In addition:

The YMCA STAFF also have the responsibility to ask anyone regardless of age to exit the facility for behavioral matters as STAFF deems necessary.


  • The responsible parent/guardian must be added to the account with a current photo, contact information & billing information.
  • Accounts should be kept up-to-date.
  • In the event we need to make contact and information is not upto-date the account may be placed on hold or terminated until updated.
  • Hold accounts allow a 1x courtesy entrance until resolved.
  • A parent must fill out and sign the membership application for anyone under 18. Applications will not be given to teens to take home.
  • Accounts are set up as automatic drafts.
  • We do not allow guests under 18 without approval.


12 years and under

  • May not be left unattended
  • Membership: Active & In good standing
  • Supervised by a parent/guardian 24+ who is a current member.
  • NO ACCESS (11 & Under) to wellness/workout zones (Synergy room, wellness room, weight room)


  • May be unattended
  • Limited to 4 hours per visit from the initial scan
  • 12-15 Supervised by a parent/guardian 18+ while using equipment
  • 15+ Permitted to use equipment following all policies and posted signage

Anyone under 18 is required to use the appropriate locker room.


  • The indoor swimming pool & basketball court have designated hours for certain activities such as games, swim lessons, swim practice, water aerobics, family nights, sports, rentals & events.
  • During these times teens should be in an area appropriate for age or exit with the responsible party.
  • Teens are not allowed to accumulate in common areas.
  • Please look for signage and emails advising when there are closures or changes in schedules. 

The YMCA is not responsible for teens who leave the premise.